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Tax Assessment Appeal Lawyer


In Norwalk, where my office is located, 2018 is a revaluation year where the assessment of values of for all properties within the City are reviewed and set as of October 1, 2018.  A revaluation occurs every five years as mandated by statute.  The revaluation year is the best time to appeal your assessment because if you as the applicant are successful in reducing the assessed value of the property, that reduction will be applied to the taxes collected in the next five years until the next revaluation.

Appealing a tax assessment is governed by statute.  Appeals must be filed within the times set by the legislature. If the taxpayer is late in filing, the appeal for that year has been waived.  That is one but not the only reason that one should seek help from an attorney experienced in representing taxpayers.

I have been appointed twice by the City of Norwalk as an Assistant Corporation Counsel to represent the City in defending tax assessment appeals brought against it.  That experience has been invaluable in my current practice of bringing tax assessment appeals.

Therefore once you receive from the Tax Assessor a notice of your new assessment and you believe that your property has been over assessed, this is the time to seek legal assistance.  The window of opportunity to file an appeal is small.  Knowing the system matters.  Not only is it wise to contact Attorney Sumberg immediately to investigate your potential appeal, but also part of the art of a tax appeal practice is knowing when not to appeal.  You may have an assessment which should be appealed and if successful save taxes but also you may save the expense of an appeal when the likelihood of success is not great.  Either way Attorney Sumberg is experienced in assisting taxpayers to make the right decision for them

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