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City of Norwalk Town Disputes Attorney

Problems With Your Town or City

One might say that an attorney who represents a taxpayer or other person in a dispute with a municipality is a municipal lawyer. The title is not important but the skill and experience in representing those who are in a dispute with a town or city is critical to a good outcome.
These problems come in all shapes and sizes. They could be zoning issues, health department issues, building department issues, tax assessment issues, conservation department issues, department of public works issues. It is important to know which department has jurisdiction.
I have twice served as an assistant corporation counsel for the City of Norwalk, representing all of the above mentioned departments. It is also important to inform the client of the correct course of action. Some issues require an appeal which if not taken within the statutory period for appeal may result in a waiver of that right of appeal. Other issues require meeting with the department having jurisdiction to reach a settlement. Litigating with a city of town can be an expensive proposition with an uncertain outcome. A municipality always have lawyers on staff or on retainer which usually is not true of the aggrieved party.
Hiring an attorney such as Attorney Sumberg who has worked for a municipality twice for a cumulative total of eight years experience in municipal law can result in the resolution of a problem which at first blush might have appeared intractable.

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