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Municipal lawyer

8543507_origA municipal lawyer is a practicioner who deals with client problems which originate when the concerns or interests of a municipal department conflict with those of a homeowner or non-homeowning citizen of city or town. Attorney Sumberg has been appointed twice by the City of Norwalk to serve as an assistant corporation counsel, which means he has represented the City in a wide array of its departments including zoining, planning, tax assessor, tax collector, conservation, building, shellfish commission and health.

It is important when dealing with a municipality to identify the department in charge and the city official in charge and then deal with that official. Or if the problem does not require dealing with an official, it may be that the matter requires an immediate appeal such as a tax assessment or the issuance of a cease and desist order by the zoning or building department. Attorney Sumberg is familiar and experienced in taking municipal appeals. Even if a municipality does not act upon a zoning issue or if you as a property owner does not take an appeal from an assessment, municipal problems do not go away by themselves. They require immediate attention from someone versed and experienced in municipal issues. Attorney Sumberg is that person.