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Probate, Drafting of Wills and Estates Lawyer


Simon represents estates in the Probate Court in order that assets of a decedent are distributed in accordance with their will or if there is no will in accordance with the state statutes.  He represents the executor or administrator of an estate to gather the assets, pay the bills and make distribution of property belonging to a decedent at the time of his or her death.  It is important to file a will for probate or apply to probate for an estate where there is no will, in order to assure the heirs that they will receive their share of the estate in accordance with the wishes of the person who has died or as provided in state statutes.

Even if property is held in survivorship, a probate proceeding is required to clear the title to an asset.  This is especially true for real property.  Without probate,  in the future, a probate proceeding which should have previously been done will have to be commenced  when the information about the assets will be far less available, a much more involved undertaking.

Simon drafts will for clients.  It is important to have a will in order to be assured that natural objects of the client’s bounty will inherit.  Additionally costs such as a bond to probate estate can be waived, guardians or trustees for children will be appointed by their parents, special bequests of property will pass in accordance with the terms of the will and living wills and health care agent designations can be executed which express end of life choices for a person who can no longer communicate them.

Simon commences proceedings in the Probate Court to appoint a conservator for a person who is  no longer capable of taking care of themselves or who can no longer manage their business affairs. This is an involved process where the guidance of an experienced professional such as Simon is invaluable, if not necessary.