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Probate, Wills and Estates Lawyer

8543507_origSimon drafts wills for clients. Where tax planning is necessary he does that as well. When a relative passes, if he or she owned property whether it be real estate or tangible personal property, whether it is held in survivorship or not, those assets will need to be probated so they pass to the designated beneficiaries of the decedent. The job of the executor or administrator is to gather the assets, pay the bills and make distribution. Guiding a client through that process is critical because all the assets must be accounted for and then be properly distributed free and clear of any probate charges or taxes if the estate is taxable. Assets not properly distributed in the decedent’s estate will have to be properly probated in the estate of the beneficiary, a more difficult process and potentially more expensive if there are unpaid charges or taxes.

Sometimes a conservator of the person or estate must be appointed to be in charge of the person of the incapable or the estate of the incapable or both. Attorney Sumberg represented clients in conservatorship matters whether he has designated conservator to be appointed by the incapable person while he or she could state a preference or whether appointed by Probate Court to manage the estate and/or person of an incapable.

A conservator must account for the assets in a conservatorship, in the same manner as an estate. You can benefit from Attorney Sumberg’s experience in this area.